Obama in Cuba: Point of view

raul y obama

By Arnold August*


There are several aspects to this cultural war, in its broadest sense, which is presently being waged against Cuban socialist culture. One of these themes is the massive US media war and political disinformation campaign on the issue of civil rights in Cuba as part of human rights.

With only several days until Obama’s arrival in Cuba, the new Cuba–US relationship is entering into a very crucial and difficult stage. As part of yet another profound historical analysis of Cuba–US relations, Dr. Elier Ramírez Cañedo, one of Cuba’s most outstanding historians and experts on the confrontation and attempts toward “normalization” between the two countries, wrote an astute observation in reference to a remark Obama made on December 19, 2014. In the context of the US’s desire to bring about change in Cuba, the President said, “…how societies change is country-specific, it’s culturally specific.” Sigue leyendo

Obama’s visit to Cuba voices from South Africa




Chris Mathlako, secretary general/Friends of Cuba Society (FOCUS) and  Member of the Politburo/South African Communist Party (SACP) told to Prensa Latina News Agency in South Africa:

We think this provides (Obama’s visit) a good opportunity to further entrench the normalisation of relations between the Cuba and the USA. We are aware that the USA strategy is intended to weaken and engineer a possible process of weakening the Cuba Revolution from inside as its has failed to overthrow it over many years. However the Cuban Revolution has stated from the onset its objectives for the process of normalisation of relations with the USA and this amongst others does not related to undoing the Revolution, instead its intended to strengthen its across the board.

Towards the end of the Obama presidency, he (Obama) is intend on creating a legacy of some sorts because his has been a legacy of wars and warmongering throughout his tenure. he has presided over many wars than any president of the USA since the Second World War. even when he prepares to visit Cuba, Obama was strengthening the blockade against Cuba and increasing measures that would strangulating the Cuban economy – this does not bode well for his intentions on Cuba and the intended relations he seeks to build going forward.

Therefore, Obama’s visit should be seen in the context of a weak president who intend on making and creating a post-presidential legacy for himself and create the impression that his presidency contained key elements of peace and human development – to the contrary Obama has presided over a presidency that not only increased tensions in the region of Latin America through his executive order decisions on Venezuela, his (CIA-involvement) recently in the murder of indigenous leader Berta Caceres, but is aware of the example of Cuba in the region. therefore, he is wanting to undo that by pretending to normalise relations with Cuba while at the same time take aim at Cuba and its example in the region and the world.

The Cuban Revolution is well aware of these threats and is going into these relations holding on to the principles of sovereignty, the goals of socialism and the Cuban Revolution!

That is calming to the majority of progressives and the world over.