Patria: Our ideas

Today is the Day of the Cuban Press. I leave a country, the newspaper founded by José Martí (the largest of all Cubans) to contribute from their pages with the purpose of the Cuban Revolutionary Party to achieve the complete independence of Cuba and Puerto Rico (Cuba and Puerto Rico are the two wings of a bird).
Patria was born in New York City on 14 March 1892 and his last number was 522, dated 31 December 1898.
When country was founded, Martí was one of the best-known journalists in Latin America for his work in major American publications including The Sun and The Hour.
In the first issue was inserted an article entitled “Our Ideas”, in which Martí said: “This newspaper is born by the will and the resources of independent Cubans and Puerto Ricans from New York to contribute, without haste and without rest , the organization of free men from Cuba and Puerto Rico. ”
“… To maintain the close friendship that unites, and should unite, the clusters are separate, and good and useful men of all backgrounds, to persist in the sacrifice of emancipation, or engage sincerely in it, to explain and set the active forces and actual country, and their germs of composition and decomposition, so that the knowledge of our shortcomings and mistakes, and our dangers, to ensure the work would not suffice disordered romantic faith of our patriotism and to promote and proclaim the virtue wherever it is located. To unite and love, and live the passion of the truth … “



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