Nothing has changed

caricaturaA Brazilian friend asked what I thought about the current (damaged) relations between Cuba and the United States. The question I’ve gotten in other scenarios in which I also shared with colleagues from different latitudes. I think the answer is them all. Here goes:
Expectations for the most deluded vanish. For those who
envision a change of physical appearance alone, but with scents
intact, it is no surprise: the U.S. policy against Cuba has remained unchanged for over 50 years.
President Barack Obama with his message of the Yes we can nothing has been done on the island, just a change of language, which today is not “gun”, as his predecessor George W. Bush, but offered “carrots”.
Although since his arrival at the White House, Obama announced and implemented measures such as lifting restrictions on travel by Cuban Americans to their homeland as well as remittances.
Although it came into force last September provisions that seek to improve communications between the two countries, which Cuba considers “extremely limited and totally insufficient”, he told the president of the Popular Power National Assembly (Parliament) Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada.
Although Washington and Havana last July also resumed bilateral dialogue on migration issues, suspended in 2003 by the Bush administration.
All this aims to satisfy the Cuban emigration and a
rectification of the brutal policies of Bush.
The essence of historical differences remain intact. The White House blockade imposed against the Cuban people since 1962 remains in force and full implementation regulations, coupled with internal subversion and attempts at isolation, in practice, have failed.
In fact, last year, Obama addressed the Secretaries of State and Commerce of his government to communicate its decision to continue the implementation of the measures of this economic war because of “U.S. national interest.”
Examples abound. Nothing has been said about the practice, in violation of U.S. laws directly stealing Cuban funds frozen in American banks, in some cases related
with telecommunication businesses from judicial decisions, spurious and venal.
Maintain ban companies from third countries, that is,
registered in other territories, to sell goods or services to Cuba
whose technology contains more than 10 percent of components
Evidence of the extraterritoriality of the embargo laws.
However, Cuba still willing to hold a dialogue without conditions and without a political concession to its sovereignty with the United States.
The Obama administration is able to rectify that
policy and give way to real change: to lift the blockade around the main artery passes.
But on second thought, Obama has too many outstanding issues internally to deal with Cuba.
The high unemployment rate of around 10 percent at
national record budget deficit that aims to close at 1.56
trillion dollars in 2010, and bombarded by all the weak not only by Republicans but also by their
coreligionists that the president has made priorities
pressing their agenda.
If we’re really talking “change” since before President
American was white and now black. The Secretary of State was now black and white.
But for now: Republicans or Democrats. Never mind. In popular terms is like saying that it is the same dog, different “collar”.



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